The Malaysian Clearinghouse Centre for Adolescent Health (MyCCAdH) is a resource centre for information on adolescent health. Many studies and research have been conducted in Malaysia by different agencies and universities, but findings are not well disseminated across agencies and the public. MyCCAdH is one of the Ministry of Health initiatives to compile information on adolescent health and promote the sharing of information among multi-institution. The establishment of a clearinghouse on adolescent health related issues at national level also part of the Ministry of Health strategies in achieving the National Adolescent Health Plan of Action goal.

I am pleased to present the Malaysian Clearinghouse Centre for Adolescent Health (MyCCAdH) website. This website provides a summary of the many studies or projects carried out on adolescent health by various institutions in Malaysia. Hope this website will help us to identify relevant research priority areas in adolescent health. This is toward enhancing and protecting the well-being of adolescents through research and development. I would like to thank all MyCCAdH members for their contribution in compiling information for this website.